Suna Gurol

Suna Gurol

I am a web professional actively working in new technologies and social media channels with an emphasis on creative and art direction, storytelling and web and content strategy.

I  currently work at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, handling everything from digital strategy to design direction to leading social media and managing web production. I manage teams, trained three new web producers, as well as supervised designers and web production associates.

I graduated from the University of Washington Master in Communications in Digital Media program in 2011 with coursework in Digital Media and the Law, Leadership in the Digital Age, Storytelling, Social Production, Evolution and Trends in Digital Media and Emerging Markets in Digital Media.

I have regularly presented on social media for nonprofits in the Seattle area. I spoke in 2012 at both the PRSA Nonprofit Summit on Ways to Enhance Your Non-profit Social Media and at the Seattle Social Media Summit blogging workshop.  I spoke at the same conference in 2012 on using Twitter for fundraising, public relations and branding.

I also blogged for The Seattle Times for the 2012 and 2010 Olympics and served as an editor the UW MCDM Flip the Media blog from 2009-2011.

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